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Best of 2013

PersonalPosted by Susie Dec 31, 2013 11:35:32
What a year 2013 has been! Just when you think you have seen and experienced it all when it comes to weddings, something new and completely different comes your way. :)

That's the best thing about my job working as an assistant photographer and second shooter for Marianne from Marianne Taylor Photography; not one wedding is the same. Not one ceremony, couple or celebration of love is repeated, but each and every wedding day I get to witness and document is unique and beautiful.

Here are my personal favourites from all the photos I have taken in this year's amazing weddings:

A huge thank you to all the super couples that have allowed me to be part of their special days throughout this past year.

There really are no words good enough to express my gratitude and admiration for Marianne, who is such an incredible visionary, documenter of genuine emotion and simply an inspiration. I am very lucky to be able to be such a small part of the amazing journey she is on and to be able to work with my best friend for the past five years has been a real adventure in all best possible ways. :)

Here's to an amazing 2014 - it is already full of fabulous weddings and I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us.

Happy New Year full of love, laughter and happiness to you all!

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Best of 2012

PersonalPosted by Susie Jan 01, 2013 18:17:00
What a wonderful year of weddings 2012 was! I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to continue working regularly with such beautiful couples, interesting vendors and to meet the people we have met in just the past year.

More so it's such a pleasure and honour to be able to continue to work for and with Marianne from Marianne Taylor Photography who is just such an awe-inspiring and awesome person through and through and I know for a fact her clients and peers agree. :)

We were blessed with a lot of sunshine and love throughout a year that was one of the wettest in the history of Britain. You would never believe it from the sunny, happy moments we have been able to capture these past 12 months.

There are many highlights to this year, so let me share my personal favourites from the weddings I shot with Marianne in 2012:

Thank you to all the wonderful 2012 couples for letting me part of your beautiful days this past year and a special thank you to Marianne who continues to put a lot of faith and heaps of trust in me.

Here's to a wonderful 2013 ahead of us!

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Best of 2011

PersonalPosted by Susie Jan 29, 2012 12:58:33
What a wonderful year of weddings 2011 was! I had the immense pleasure to continue to work with Marianne from Marianne Taylor Photography as her assistant and second shooter. It was the year we travelled to Scotland, France, Italy and Malta as well as around England for stunning weddings - all different, yet all filled with much love.

Marianne continues to be a constant inspiration and support for me and for this I am very grateful. This was our third year working together and much of the time it really doesn't feel like work at all. I am so proud and happy for her as in this past year Marianne has got a lot of recognition for the incredible way she documents and tells the stories of the peoples' love for one another, not just on their wedding days, but by her Beloved and Engagement shoots, too. What capped the year off for me was to be able to witness Marianne receive the award for the best Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012 in January; she didn't believe she could win, whereas I never had any doubts in my mind.

It really has been an incredible year and was made such by the people I have met along the way, too; all the brides, grooms, families and friends, as well as all the inspiring and dedicated professionals in the wedding industry that make all the difference by being pretty lovely and awesome people all round.

The highlights of 2011 for me include meeting photographers Anna Hardy, who photographed a friend's wedding in the spring and Emma Case who is just lovely and so talented.

This year I've had the pleasure to work with Kim from Roseberry Weddings, Steph from Fairyfuff Flowers and Mark Brown a film maker extraordinaire, all who I can wholeheartedly recommend for their services.

The guys from Wedding Smashers continue as my firm wedding DJ favourites and they did an awesome job spinning the tunes at my birthday party as well in May. And last but not least, the best meal I ate on the job was provided by Jacaranda catering. I'm so glad their amazing food was commended by the Wedding Industry Awards earlier this month, too.

For my own work, here are my personal favourites I took during 2011:

Thank you for such an amazing year Marianne. I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store, it already looks like an incredible year of weddings ahead of us! :)

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Best of 2010

PersonalPosted by Susie Feb 15, 2011 20:15:57
I can't say it enough: 2010 was an incredible year filled with amazing weddings. I travelled and worked with Marianne from Cornwall to South of France and looking at the photos from all the weddings we attended and photographed last year brings a huge smile on my face. So much love, emotion and fun was had.

Here are my personal favourites from 2010:

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Happy New Year 2011!

PersonalPosted by Susie Dec 31, 2010 14:25:23
This past year has been amazing and it feels to have just zoomed by - all of a sudden we stand at the threshold of 2011! I have couple more weddings to blog and I want to post a little review of the year that was 2010, but tonight all I want to do is to wish you an amazing New Year and say thank you for all your support.

A special thank you goes to all the wonderful couples I have been privileged to meet and photograph this past year on their special day and of course the biggest thank you goes to Marianne from Marianne Taylor Photography who keeps me inspired, in line and most of all continues to put her trust in me to assist her regularly. She is simply amazing and I'm so lucky to not only call her my boss, but a personal friend, too.

2011 already looks pretty amazing, so I can't wait to flip to the New Year and share with you what we get up to! :) Happy New Year 2011!

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